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mjr 08-24-2018 01:19 PM

Nah...voter fraud isn't a problem...
Or so we're told...


In a May email, Dallas County Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole revealed a sliver of the problem after Huffines requested data.

In an email to the senator, Pippins-Poole wrote that since 2011, “174 voter registrations have been canceled for non-citizenship. Of those 174 cancelled for non-citizenship, 22 voted in 38 various elections. Election dates range from 3/8/1988 - 11/8/2016.

Pippins-Poole added that “yes, some [were] referred to D.A.’s office when [we were] able to determine/confirm if mistakes were not made and documents were available.”
Emphasis mine.

s_stabeler 08-24-2018 02:57 PM

nobody denies voter fraud occurs. However, 1) is the fraud of a sufficient level to actually swing the election? if not, then the fraud doesn't really matter much.
2) pretty much all antifraud methods disenfranchise legitimate voters who for whatever reason were lumped in with the fraudulent votes. Therefore, an antifraud method also needs to be judged on how many legitimate voters are disenfranchised compared to the number of fraudulent votes caught. Quite a few suggestions- like voter ID laws- often disenfranchise more legitimate voters than they do catch fraudulent voters. 3) antifraud measures can make voting more of a hassle, encouraging people to stay home. for example, the Republican efforts at having observers that challenge people's right to vote at polling stations makes it more of a hassle to vote- particularly since there's suspicion they target likely Democrat voters- discouraging people from voting. 4) there's at least a perception that there's attempts to fiddle voter lists to remove opposition voters, so there's no trust antifraud measures will be impartial.

Daskinor 08-24-2018 05:20 PM

So registred voters in Dallas County - 1,287,082
Number of People who voted- 750,649

So we are looking at a fraud rate of 0.013% for registration and .0029% rate for actual voting.

That will swing an election for sure.........

In fact I think more then 22 eligible voters who want to vote don't have the ID required to vote with under Voter ID laws.



Take the case of Ayodeji Adebayo in Hurst for example. Tarrant County canceled his voter registration. But on his original application, Adebayo checked the “no” box declaring he is not a U.S. citizen. Yet, the state still registered him to become an eligible voter.

Same story with another woman in Fort Worth named Limya Omer. She admitted that she was not a U.S. citizen, but Texas added her as a voter anyway.
Oh fuck them.

S_stabeler covered everything else already.

Greenday 08-24-2018 07:29 PM

22 people illegally voting is not a problem worth giving a crap about.

mjr 08-24-2018 08:35 PM


19 foreign nationals charged for voting in 2016 elections

Greenday 08-25-2018 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by mjr (Post 170783)

19 foreign nationals charged for voting in 2016 elections

Ok and? Trump lost the popular vote by 2,868,686 votes. If 19 votes is all that can be found, I'm sorry but I don't care as it had zero impact on the election.

mjr 08-25-2018 09:51 PM

You'd care if someone illegally voted in your place.

And I don't want ANY illegal votes. None. Maybe that's unrealistic, but that's how it should be.

Tanasi 08-25-2018 10:40 PM

I don't want any voter fraud of any type regardless for whom they're intending to vote. A former insurance agent I did business with bragged about voting a every early voting site and then again on election day. At the time I considered they guy a friend but I can't abide that so I called a friend at the election commission and told him. Now I don't know what if anything came of it but fraudster after a few months turned over his agency to his son and moved to a remote part of our state.
I've driven folks to the polls and I tell them before hand I don't care whom they are voting for I'm just giving them a ride. I helped them into, out-of and into/out of the polling place. I didn't offer to help they vote, that's their business. That being said while waiting a few van fulls of homeless guys pulled up and the van driver took them in go them checked in and then one by one went into the voting booth with them. Did the driver vote for them? I don't know, to me it was hinky and shouldn't have happened. If the voter needed help then the that's the poll workers job.
I also believe in having to show a state or federal issued ID.

mjr 08-26-2018 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by Tanasi (Post 170787)
I also believe in having to show a state or federal issued ID.

Careful there, Tanasi. Talk like that will get you labeled someone in favor of voter suppression and disenfranchisement around here. Believe me, I know.

s_stabeler 08-27-2018 07:07 PM

Oh, I don't disagree you'd be pissed off if someone illegaly voted in your name.(though it's more common for people to vote in dead people's names.) However you would also be pissed off if you were one of the people who were falsely labelled as not actually being entitled to vote. That is the main objection- that voter ID laws end up disenfranchising more voters than they catch in fraudulent votes. To say nothing about how, often, getting said ID is rather more inconvenient for poor people. (remember that someone on MW probably can't afford to take a day off to get an ID, even if their employer offers time off. (and there's often no PTO available)

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