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Originally Posted by Daskinor View Post
Doesn't prove you are a citizen, not required for daily life. And the paperwork to get one does not include any photo IDs at all.
True. But guess what. When I originally got my driver's license, I had to show documentation. Documentation that I'm assuming can be verified. If I recall correctly, I had to show my birth certificate AND Social Security card.

But in the end I still have the same problem. Forcing someone to get something they are not required to have otherwise in order to perform a fundamental right of democracy. One that has been updated multiple times in the Constitution to prevent people in power from keeping that right from 'others'.
So why do I need to get a fishing license? Or show ID to purchase a firearm? The "right to bear arms" is codified in the Constitution, yet we have people (some on this very forum) who say that right should be restricted, and some even say you must get a license, pass a test, etc. in order to get a firearm.

Do you agree with that?

Eleven million people don't have ID in this country.
How many of them are legal citizens?

The people born before computers who don't have valid license, and are unable to get a copy of their birth certificate. People going off to college who don't drive where a student ID will be good enough until they are able to drink. People who are citizens but born to midwives or parents who were not citizens....
There are fixes to all of those things.
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