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Originally Posted by Daskinor View Post
You still essentially apply to vote, we call it voter registration.
Ok, but again, how do you ensure that those who register to vote are actually eligible to vote? Can I have my under 18 year old son register to vote? No. Why? Because he doesn't meet the criteria (yet) to vote.

Citizens are eligible to vote. And only citizens. How do we ensure that?

Not really, those facts alone sunk allot of Voter ID laws. Because telling an senior citizen they need to 'hire a lawyer' so they can vote is a very bad answer. And I take great offence when you take away someones right to vote because a new restriction has been implemented. A restriction whose whole purpose is suppress votes, disguised as a way to fight an imaginary problem.
Texas has SEVEN things you can use as "ID". I don't care for some of them, because they don't have photo ID. They also have an affidavit you can sign that makes you affirm that you are who you say you are. What's wrong with that?
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