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Experience Required.
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Default Experience Required.

I'm looking for a full time job, and have been going through a few job hunting websites.

I have a teaching degree, and 12 years of retail experience with the last 11 of them being at the same store.

While I haven't had any luck finding a teaching position, I figured I would look for other full time job opportunities. I go to the website, have it filter by full time, and then filter by entry level.

First issue, is a lot of the jobs under the full time tag are not full time, but part time, but then I get into the descriptions of requirements. Almost all of them say they require at lease one year (or more) experience in certain aspects of the job.

When in retail I loved working with customers, but want a change, so I'm looking for something that still deals with people. One thing I'm looking at is receptionist jobs.

How does one get a receptionist job, with no experience doing that kind of work??

/Rant over.
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