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I think the problem is the policy we have is so milquetoast and watered down, it makes everything confusing and doesn't really sell itself.

The policy isn't so much that you deserve an extra 600. The policy is that that 600 goes back into the economy (so you spend it or someone without a job spends it) so that the money then goes to another person who spends it. It's about combating a lack of spending which then snowballs into a worse scenario.

So the easy way to look at it is there's nothing moral about it - it's just we want everyone spending to reduce the impact of the virus.

My personal opinion is that the value is too low - that even if it is more money than most people might make, handing people that money and increasing consumer spending is good for us right now. It's basically just a reverse wealth xfer. My opinion is business owners got too much of the money when they're not the ones spending it.
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