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Bless the Harts, Seriously Hollywood?
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Default Bless the Harts, Seriously Hollywood?

Spoilers for the latest Bless the Harts episode.

Here's the thing as a minimum wage employee I don't get to have politics at work. I show up and I cash people out I sell the things the company wants me to sell and then I go home. In my off hours then I could talk about any political issue I wanted.

The show is trying to chastise a fictional waitress for using a divisive political issue that people are already bringing up to increase her tips. When you work in a customer facing capacity you're an Actor. You will be whatever the customer wants you to be.

Seriously I've seen people walk into a place I was working wearing everything from rival sports teams to rival politicians. I'm not being a hypocrite when I don't take a stand or I agree with someone comment they made that I don't really agree with.

Hell actors do it all the time. Ray Liotta thought the real man his Goodfella's character was based was trash but he still played him and no one's calling him a hypocrite for playing a role.

In most service jobs you're playing a part. You're the extra in someone else's life for the moment they are in your place of business. Politics and personal beliefs have no place in a business.
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