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I guess my point overall is that I'm very much an individualist...that is I don't want to feel like I must neatly fit into some group. Sure I may identify overall as a conservative libertarian politically but of course I don't necessarily agree with all its tenants. I was brought up under Christian beliefs but I happen to think they're nothing wrong with being Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Zeusian, snake handler, etc etc. I mean I just don't see how it could even possible for there to be a "one true faith". Shoot, I pretty much consider myself a pro-lifer first...but even in THAT case I differ from some parts of that movement (I think ALL tools (abstience, condoms, "the pill", "tubes tied/nuts snipped", whatever) are needed to reduce unplanned pregnancies, I think the idea of kids being adopted by loving parents, including LGBT couples and single parents too will also go a very long way towards saving kids who otherwise might have been aborted or end up in an abusive home.

I could cite even more examples but I've already gone off the tangent enough already.
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