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"You're egotisticial and a Narcissist because you won't agree with me"
Old 08-20-2017, 07:37 PM
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Default "You're egotisticial and a Narcissist because you won't agree with me"

So yesterday I was sitting in the car waiting for my step dad to get out of the grocery store in another car in the parking lot a woman was sitting with her dogs waiting for her husband and her kid to come out of the store. She yelled something that could have been "hello" or something at someone passing by.

Most people, sane people, would keep walking and ignore the comments of one lone woman. Instead the people passing by decided to start yelling at and harassing the woman. The people harassing her were a mother and adult daughter. The younger sister (also an adult) was visibly kind of embarrassed that her older sister and mom were doing this but family whatcha gonna do.

The Dad of the daughters gave the woman being harassed a water cuz it was a kind of hot day and it was his way of kind of saying sorry for his crazy wife and daughter. Eventually Loss Prevention (the plainclothes security) of the store came and stood between the woman's vehicle and the harassers facing the harassers which is universal code for "you are the problem"

The woman's husband showed up thanked the other husband for trying to keep the peace and drove off with his wife and kids.

So the crazy mom and daughter are now standing there feeling all superior (Side note the daughter was empirically good looking and in great shape the woman she was harassing was overweight and not attractive I make note of this because there seems to be a beautiful person-small town mixer that turns those people into "people want to screw me more so I am inherently better than you and you better know I rule this place they even at one point said "this is a small town bitch"

Anyway so the older sister then tried to get one of the security guys to give his phone number to her sister. Turned her "i harass people to get what I want" focus on him and wouldn't leave him alone until he at least gave her sister a name so she could look him up on Facebook the sister meanwhile still looking embarrassed at her older sister's behavior.

All of that is mere background of what I am talking about.

Now something you should know is that I try very hard not to Monday Morning Quarterback. If I am second guessing a person's actions I try to think "Okay what was the information they had in that moment"

In that moment the security guard only knew that the older sister acted crazy but seemed "normal" if she wanted to. Liked recording her victim after she provoked her in the first place so if anything happened she could claim her victim started it.

A friend of mine suggested that the security guard should have told them to fuck off. To anyone that's ever had a job dealing with customers you will recognize this as the moment that you're going to lose your job. It's not a viable solution and turns what looks like a sudden stalking situation into a "I will fuck up your life" situation.

Meanwhile giving out a name in lieu of phone number allows you to block the person with a crazy family on Facebook if they do try to friend you.

My friend decided that because her solution was "viable" In that she herself would rather lose her job than give out her Facebook name that I was merely being a narcissist but not agreeing it's a viable solution and only my Ego wasn't allowing me to accept it.

When I happened to mention that the store we were at was a Wal-Mart she took this as confirmation that I was trying to "Win the conversation" by leaving out the piece of information that "confirmed it's viable because it's better to be unemployed than work at Wal-Mart" even though that's objectively wrong.

What I hate is that any time I won't agree with her it turns into "You and your giant ego just wants to win conversations" No I just don't want to agree with things I don't agree with.

I do not see what my not agreeing with someone else's solution has to do with making me a narcissist especially when it's not my decision I am defending. I am defending the decision made by someone that is not me and was completely unrelated to anything I was doing. It wouldn't be a blow to my ego if she could come up with a better solution.

But "fuck this job" in a job market where a person can go 2 years between jobs is not a viable solution. And it's not Ego nor Narcissism that makes me say so.
Jack Faire
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