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Tried to apply for a job...
Old 03-28-2017, 08:17 PM
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Angry Tried to apply for a job...

...and they tried to sell me on furthering my education.

I went to apply to a nearby "Tree of Dollars". Went to the website, filled out a couple of questions, got directed to call a number to finish the interview.

I should have suspected something, but stupidly, I didn't. Got an operator who could barely speak English, it started out like a regular job interview, then he steered me into education and tried to sell me on going back to school.

First of all, I do not need an advanced degree to work as a cashier or stocker! Second, all I wanted was to apply for a job! I'd love to go back to school, but I can't afford it, and I've got a family to take care of. I can't put them on hold and in hock so I can get a fancy-schmancy degree which'll probably be obsolete by the time I finish it.

I left a message on the company website stating how I did not appreciate it. I doubt it'll do anything, but it couldn't hurt.

But seriously, I'm getting sick of this bait-and-switch. This isn't the first time something like this has happened to me. That's why I'll never use Craigslist again; they did something similar. I'd apply for a job and get my e-mail flooded with spam and phishing schemes. It's absolutely disgusting that they're taking advantage of desperate job hunters.

Had to rant and get it out of my system.
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Old 04-07-2017, 02:00 AM
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You have no idea how much I hated those scams (and yes, I'll use the word scam, because without fail it was for a for-profit school that may or may not be accredited).
"Would you like to further your education?"
Well, honestly, I already have all the education I need for my goals, I have my bachelor's degree plus extra credits that I need to be able to become a CPA. Some day I might want to go back to school to get the courses I need to go for a CFE, that would be interesting, but that is a while down the road. What I need now is a job that I can use to get the practical experience requirement for the CPA. Besides, I already talked to the last person trying to sell me the same school, they don't offer the classes that I would need for the CFE anyway.

Fortunately, I have such a job now and never have to deal with those asshats again, but it boils my blood just how many people they have tried to take advantage of who were desperate.
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