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You're not a philosopher genius
Old 01-06-2017, 10:01 PM
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Default You're not a philosopher genius

I appreciate deep conversations, other people, nature, the world around me etc.

According to a person on the bus that is physically impossible because I own a phone.

Like many of his ilk he's a rich kid (mom and dad have money so he has money) that couch surfs, hitch hikes and pretends he's poor when any time he can call up his family and be all "Hey I need some money" Flits off to countries all over the world and claims to be this "authentic" person because he spends a few minutes telling someone how he's so in touch with the world because he's proud to have cut all digital ties.

Uhm so what? This doesn't make your observations about the fraction of the world you see around you mean any more than they did before. I am not so distracted by my phone that I don't notice the beauty around me. I am not so distracted that I won't chat up an interesting person in public. You. You're not interesting.

You speak in cliches, fortune cookies, and the same tired observations every "Enlightened" "Awakened" "Woke", or whatever word you're using this decade Mr. Clone, kid does before they discover the real world and start developing deeper connections to the people around them and explore the people as well as the nature, and the whole of the world reaching true enlightenment when they learn to balance responsibility and fun together.
Jack Faire
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