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Superhero in a vacumn
Old 02-05-2018, 04:38 AM
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Default Superhero in a vacumn

Blade is a superhero that is from the Main Marvel Continuity. In the comics he co-exists alongside the likes of Dr. Strange and the Punisher. That being said his origins have no roots in any other hero's backyard and as such it's easy to make a stand alone flick where only his character is a thing.

Steel I feel is a different case. Most of Steel's entire origin ties directly into Superman. He was a weapons designer that regretted what his weapons did and quit to work as a construction worker. When Superman saved his life he asked "How can I repay you" and was told "make your life count for something"

So when Superman dies John Henry Irons decides there still needs to be a Man of Steel. He creates the suit to emulate Superman and becomes the hero Metropolis needs. He would go on to have his own unique identity but he was still heavily influenced by Supes.

The movie Steel completely does away with any references to Superman while still keeping his history with weapons manufacturing. His situation doesn't lend itself to "oh I'll become a superhero" and I think that's the problem with the movie there's no reason given why he would think to do that.

Even Real Life Superheroes can point at comic books as their inspiration for why they do what they do.

Can certain heroes exist in a vacumn if their origins are so closely tied to that which came before? Should they?
Jack Faire
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