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Stumbled on this when looking for something else thought I would remark on it. So the thing is Happy Holidays pre-dates all of us by a thousand years and it has nothing to do with any other religion other than Christianity's holidays.

It has only been used to be inclusive for about 20 years. Up until about 20 years ago Happy Holidays just meant "Merry Christmas and since it's literally only a week away Happy New Year but that's a bloody mouthful so I am going to say Happy Holidays instead"

The words Happy Holidays have even appeared in Christmas songs. The saying is, was and always has been heavily steeped in Christian Culture. Having grown up saying it I feel like the generation must have when going around saying "I'm gay" went from meaning "I am happy and having an awesome day" to "I like men"

I am pretty sure most of the "war on Christmas" rhetoric is because of organizations and people whom have said Happy Holidays for 30 years or more suddenly finding that other people have assigned different meanings to their words.

Like when you tell a woman "You look gorgeous today" and instead of taking it as "I looked at you and went 'wow'" takes it as "you look like shit every other day"
Jack Faire
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