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Fantasy, "It's just a movie" Sci-Fi, "STOP BEING SCIENTIFICALLY INACCURATE"
Old 11-16-2019, 01:20 PM
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Default Fantasy, "It's just a movie" Sci-Fi, "STOP BEING SCIENTIFICALLY INACCURATE"

If a fantasy movie has magic wands, demons and so on people will be all "it's just a movie" rather than screaming that since those things aren't possible in real life they shouldn't be in a movie.

But the instant you have a Science Fiction movie that is also just a movie people are suddenly there are people crawling out of the wood work to tell us how completely and scientifically inaccurate it is.

I do understand when a movie is "our world" and is meant to be serious but then does something that's wrong, IE injecting something into someone using an incorrect method. Great be all "Well that's not actually how that's done"

But screaming "that's not how that works" every time a movie uses "10 percent of the brain" trope to give a character powers or any other disproven scientific principal why are you doing that?

Whenever I take another crack at writing a novel and figuring out my story there is someone who's all "Well but these (real life scientific theories) need to be what you use not (my fictional science that is how it works to make the story work)"

Uhm seriously why? It's fiction I'm not writing a science textbook. I'm writing a story where time travel works this way because that way the story works.

What's bothering me even more is that this seems to be infecting our film making. Especially in regard to the Marvel movies we went from "Well magic is a thing" to "there must be a scientific explanation for all of the magic going on"

It's frustrating. Just let magic be magic. Very rarely does taking a scientific look at something magical actually make a good story, lookin at you Flight of the Dragons what's up.

Most of the time it just slows down or interrupts the story. Thor is all "oh well no let me explain to you how my magic is really just your science but advanced and make a good trailer line but totally not add to the story in any way"

It actually makes the story feel more disappointing. For one science often has rules. Magic doesn't. While the story still needs to follow logic the magic in said story can be all "bam here's a paradox" "wait but how does that wor...." "magic!"

If you tell me the magic in your story is really just a science we haven't found yet it's like a magician going, "oh here let me show you how it's done"
Jack Faire
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