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When should you drop a hobby?
Old 12-13-2019, 05:25 AM
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Default When should you drop a hobby?

I have noticed that over the last few years the amount of time I spend playing video games has dropped a lot. I can go literal months between gaming sessions. Sometimes I even have to restart games because I have forgotten the controls and need to run through the tutorial again.

Given that it's a high cost hobby where spoilers are pretty much guaranteed is it something I should just move away from?
Jack Faire
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Old 12-14-2019, 07:13 AM
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Well, the nice thing about gaming as a hobby is the longer it takes you to get back to it the cheaper the games become. -.-

I've never had any problem avoiding game spoilers though. You have to go out of your way to run into game spoilers.
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Old 12-16-2019, 10:56 PM
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To me, it depends on the hobby.

If your hobby is an expensive one (say, car restoration), and you find yourself doing less of it, or not having the ability to afford to keep doing it, then possibly. For instance, I'm a guitar "collector" of sorts. I have my eye on a few (a 12-string acoustic, an Epiphone, and a new Stratocaster, mostly), but I'm holding off for right now, because I want to focus on some other things. And guitars can get expensive. Just those three will probably run me about $1,500, and those are relatively inexpensive, all things considered.

If you can afford it (time, money, and relationship-wise), I don't see what the problem is in keeping up on a hobby.

Those particular video games aren't a genre I'm familiar with, but if you enjoy it, do the "spoilers" bother you that much? Are they something you can live with? If it's a cost issue, I think that's a different consideration.

I haven't played "current" video games. I have a NES classic, but I basically play Super Mario, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, Tecmo Bowl, and Punch-Out on it.

I want to buy myself a PS2 (I'll probably start looking after the start of the new year), and maybe get back into playing some of those older games (just because I have them, and don't play that often).

It seems like you're more concerned with cost. If that's the issue, that's a decision you have to make. Is the cost worth it, even knowing the "spoilers"?
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