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Old 06-06-2019, 08:02 AM
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I get your distinction between the different "Pro-Life" people you describe. Myself, I would say I'm Pro-Choice, but I wouldn't support abortion of a viable fetus (around the sixth month) for non-medical reasons. Before that, do as you want. But once it becomes necessary for doctors to actively kill the fetus in the mom's body before abortion, I feel a line has been crossed.

That position has gotten me labelled as being against human rights.

Originally Posted by jackfaire View Post
Some women their motivation is they feel their protecting unborn babies. Others that they're pushing their morals on others. Some I'm sure even think it's just a matter of "we need to listen to the menfolk"

But there's no doubt in my mind the men pushing the law are all about control.
Why? Seriously, why? If you consider the average age of US lawmakers, most of the men and women involved in passing these laws probably already have all the children they want, so it's not a personal issue.

How do you arrive at the conclusion that the motives for women are protection, or moral convictions, or even a desire to go along with what "their men" deem right, but for men, the motives must be wanting to control women?
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Originally Posted by Canarr View Post
but for men, the motives must be wanting to control women?
For men I don't. I don't generalize. For those very specific men in Alabama who flatly refused to allow for any consideration for the health and well being of the very women they were passing a law on I would say it's fair that their health, well being, and morality plays no factor in their decisions.

My point that apparently I made poorly was that people will have a large variety of reasons and that men and women will have the same reasons regardless of gender. But those very specific men care so little for the women they're passing a law on that Pat Robertson called them out on it.

When other men who also believe abortion should be illegal start saying you're going too far that's a huge indicator that you're going to far. I won't even speak to every single man in Alabama but every Male congressperson that passed that law give every indication of caring nothing for women as independent autonomous people.
Jack Faire
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