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Does he think we're greedy?
Old 06-25-2018, 02:58 PM
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Default Does he think we're greedy?

I make 10 cents over minimum wage in deference to my over decade of experience in customer service. No matter how many skills I learn no matter how much I know I am still considered "Unskilled Labor" as if working in a restaurant requires no skill.

My boss is a compassionate man who doesn't want to screw us out of hours and does everything he can to run the business and give us the hours we need.

My boss thinks minimum wage is ridiculous. Not the amount it is but that it exists. He feels for us to expect to be paid like "real jobs" is dumb.

The thing that drives me nuts is we do work a real job. We didn't create an industry that no one needed and then convince people to want it and then complain when people don't pay us what we would like.

Close down every business that pays their employees only minimum wage and the entire infrastructure of our country would fall apart.

Yet he told us that he believes employees wanting a living wage is killing businesses. Our company corporate wide is about to have a price increase and instead of acknowledging any of the other factors. It's all because workers the country over are trying desperately hard to bump our wages into the "I won't starve to death" range.

He just sees it as us hurting businesses. He can't see the fact that if we were all making a living wage our company wouldn't have to give us a steep discount, 65 percent, just to be able to eat there.

Or that it would especially in our area increase the amount of business we have exponentially. I constantly get people coming in that give me shit because I haven't eaten every single item on the menu. I want to tell them "Well I can't afford it since I make so little money but sure it's my bad for not spending what little money I make ensuring I can give you the best recommendation possible"

Part of the problem I feel is that people in the industry start at crap wages but then when they work their way up to management positions and are now making living wages they blame our low wages on "it's your own fault for working the jobs you do" instead of "maybe if we paid you actual wages you would only have to work here"

I saw co-workers getting praised for basically killing themselves.

"She worked so hard she put herself in the hospital" My reaction "that's fucked up something needs to change" the boss' reaction "that's dedication people"

"She works full time here and at another job!" My reaction "Woah when the hell does she sleep? No wonder she always seems cranky" the boss' reaction "Isn't that just amazing and admirable"

Don't stand there and tell me to my face that us killing ourselves is okay but the company having to ensure we don't die for them would kill the business.
Jack Faire
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