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The OTHER government body that likes to tear families apart....
Old 07-03-2018, 05:30 AM
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Default The OTHER government body that likes to tear families apart....

No, I'm not talking about ICE. This is not an immigration thread.

I am talking about Child Protective Services aka CPS aka Dept of Children and Families in some states.

For some reason, CPS is the only government entity that late-night comedians and investigative journalists are afraid of touching. It could be that people who do talk wind up dead.

For people who don't live in the US, CPS is the government entity that is responsible for taking kids away and putting them into foster care if they suspect abuse of any kind. It's important to note that there is no oversight, they pretty much answer to no one.

Here's the problem: A law was passed in 1997 called the "adoption and safe families act." It, among other things, gives bonuses to the CPS branch of a given state when a child it places into foster care gets adopted out. As you may expect, giving an agency like this financial incentive is a really bad idea.

You may hear of a child in a shitty situation falling through the cracks and thinking, "Why didn't social services step in?" It's because the child didn't look "adoptable." Which means no bonus if the child languishes in foster care and isn't adopted out.

Meanwhile, here are some stories of CPS making up bullshit claims to kidnap kids to sell them into foster care with the hopes of getting them adopted out:

Some I don't have links for, sorry about that:




Remember the parents from Maryland who figured their neighborhood was safe enough to let their kids walk home from school alone? They called it "free range parenting." CPS tried to charge them with child neglect so they can snatch their kids.





Many years ago on a talk show I watched, they had a couple who had a CPS scare when their son choked on a french fry during dinner. The kid lived, thankfully, but CPS accused them the parents of intentionally choking him in retaliation for getting a bad report card.

I believe it was in one of the Carolinas, but many years ago a woman's young daughter was acting like a brat in the supermarket so once they got back to the car the woman spanked her daughter once. ONCE. One of those anti-spanking crusader morons saw it and called the cops. CPS snatched the girl and the mother was arrested for child abuse. It took months to get her kid back and clear her name.


You wonder why parents nowadays are afraid to let their kids do anything like say ride a bike or play on a swing set as they might get hurt? It's because if the kid gets hurt, and the kid goes to a hospital, the doctors have to check if the injuries are from abuse. All it takes is for a kid to look "adoptable" and before you know it CPS is accusing the parents of abuse so they can kidnap their child.

Now you may be doing research and reading from the CPS workers themselves insisting that they don't get bonuses. Of course they are going to say that. It's like the cops who insist that ticket quotas don't exist when we all know they do.

BTW, for people that scream "but they need to use due process!" Um.... not CPS. I should know as a family friend who's 6 year old daughter said some things at school that were misunderstood and the school called CPS who took her away to their branch and started the process to put her into foster care without ever getting the permission from a judge or anything. The poor mother was waiting for the bus to drop her off from school and it never came. Hours later CPS called and literally said, "We have your daughter and she is being booked into foster care." Took 6 months to get her daughter back.

One final note: 2nd amendment people say it's to defend against government tyranny. A CPS worker taking someone's child due to a BS accusation is government tyranny. Sounds like a good time as ever to put the 2nd amendment to good use....
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