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Only tourists use umbrellas
Old 01-06-2020, 12:06 PM
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Default Only tourists use umbrellas

So here's the thing you gotta know about the area I grew up in. The weather has demolished every umbrella I've ever owned. When it gets rainy enough to need an umbrella it also gets windy. I'm guessing if i studied it would have something to do with our geography or something. This has naturally lead to a lot of those of us that grew up in this area not usually carrying an umbrella. There are of course always exceptions for any behavior but for the most part if you see someone carrying an umbrella it's safe to assume they're a tourist.

My family that grew up elsewhere and mostly drives everywhere here (My folks were both born elsewhere and don't use umbrellas that much because they drive) teases me for having a "umbrella's are for tourists rule" they seriously don't seem to get why regardless of my explaining the whole destroyed my umbrellas thing. Like the wind has flat out blown them inside out.

Anyway this kind of brings me to the reason I bring this up today. Today I will look like a tourist. I have a date today and for lunch I am taking her to a place near her work. We both have odd schedules and so we try to find time to spend together working around our schedules. As it's been raining a lot lately and I don't want her returning to work soaked through I will be taking an umbrella with me borrowed from family. Seriously I don't even own one.

So the whole point of this set up is to ask, What habits, traditions, behaviors etc that if you did people in the area you have lived a long time would people look at and go, "Oh you must be a tourist"

I'm curious and it seems like a fun topic.
Jack Faire
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