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Uhm but we don't need the grapes I need the grapes
Old 11-23-2017, 04:14 AM
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Default Uhm but we don't need the grapes I need the grapes

I started a job in a bakery/cafe. It's a brand new location and so me and all of my co-workers are brand new working the grand opening. As such corporate hand picked a group of trainers to train us in how they want things done.

Amusingly not all of the trainers can agree on how that is. Most of it's cool though I can roll with the punches and it's no big deal to me if they want me to do A instead of B whatever I don't care.

Today though they said something that makes no sense to me and I wondered is this a case of a social skill I never picked up.

While some of my social skills problems meant that I always saw insults as insulting (It took me a long time to understand the concept of busting chops) others mean I don't realize when what I am saying is bothering someone. This one feels really stupid though.

I understand why when I am speaking to a guest in my cafe why I would use the Royal We. I am speaking for the company and thus it's a "We" thing.

Today however while talking to my trainer I said "I am going to go grab my grapes" "Our grapes" I paused thinking she meant there were specifically different grapes the drive thru needed that might be different in some way. It turned out she wasn't referring to different grapes but rather that in her mind I should use the royal we when speaking to our co-workers.

Her reasoning is that if I say "I am waiting on a Ham & Cheese" while communicating with my co-workers instead of "We are waiting on a Ham & Cheese" they will think I am criticizing them instead of communicating with them.

To me this seems really dumb. Not to mention potentially confusing. There's a lot going on. "We're waiting on a Ham & Cheese" doesn't sound like "one is needed at Drive Thru" it sounds like "one is needed somewhere in this place go ahead and ask me where"

Especially if we are on headsets and they don't know where the person needing it actually is.

If I say "I need it" or "Drive Thru needs it" that makes them go "okay so that one oh there it is let's finish it up and get it to where it needs to go"

We doesn't really differentiate one part of the cafe to any other part.

Am I the one being dumb here?

I mean really the closest analogy I could think of was a football team in a huddle going "Okay so we need to pass the ball to us then we will catch the ball and run it down to the endzone" "Uhm that's great QB but who's going to do what"

Yes I am part of a team but me, myself and I is the part of the team making the fruit cups and I think people would be able to more easily find the fruit cups if I tell everyone "I am getting the stuff to make the fruit cups"
Jack Faire
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Old 11-27-2017, 02:01 PM
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That does sound weird to me. There is such a thing as too inclusive!
Great YouTube channel check it out!
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Old 05-31-2018, 04:01 AM
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Sounds odd to me too.
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