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Tribalism is the root of all evil
Old 10-17-2019, 09:19 AM
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Default Tribalism is the root of all evil

I'm of course talking about the "Us Vs. Them" people love to say "the worst atrocities in history come down to religion"

The thing is it's not that. That's actually too specific. It's more down to when you wrap your personal identity around something so hardcore that anyone discussing it in a fashion that doesn't reinforce your personal values. Don't like that someone doesn't agree with your economic theory? That's an attack.

I'm not going to say it's reached ridiculous proportions as that implies that it never has before and seriously we have reams of history proving that it has. It just seems that along with more and more tolerance we've been tribalising more and more petty shit.

Nowadays you can't even push an economic or political point of view without being a "traitor"

You can't mention a hobby without suddenly being embroiled in so many little mini-wars that you're surprised you get to indulge the hobby itself.

One of my least favorite examples is the whole "lamestream media" BS. Someone picks what news they follow and then all other news becomes the Lamestream Media. It's asinine. Somehow in coming together more people have started finding pettier ways to stay apart.
Jack Faire
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