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Fetal personhood laws: The part of abortion debate people should talk about…. But don
Old 11-04-2019, 07:36 PM
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Default Fetal personhood laws: The part of abortion debate people should talk about…. But don

Some time ago, a pro-life friend of mine said, and I quote, “If a woman does do something to harm her fetus she should be charged with a crime.”

The issue I have in that statement is…. how do you know it’s intentional? It is very difficult to prove a pregnant woman did something to try and induce a miscarriage or stillbirth. The sad thing, fetal personhood laws that certain states have passed make it easy for overzealous pro-life prosecutors to pin a criminal charge on a woman if they feel she did something to harm her unborn fetus.

Here are some examples, two real, two hypothetical.

1. *real* The infamous Alabama case of a mother who found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with one of her co-workers. If you go by witness accounts, she went to merely confront the other woman who pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot into the ground which ricocheted and hit the expectant mother in the belly, killing her fetus. A grand jury decided to indict her – not the one who shot her - for “manslaughter” because she “started a fight someone whom she knew could be packing a firearm.” Fortunately, the state decided to drop the charges after nationwide outrage.

2. *Hypothetical*. Let’s say a pregnant woman is traveling down a main road and going 55 in a 45 to keep up with traffic. She is hit by a red light runner. She survives, but loses her pregnancy. In a state with fetal person hood laws, while the prosecutor knows she was hit by a red light runner he decides that she was criminally liable for the miscarriage by knowingly “speeding while pregnant” and has her arrested.

3. *Real.* A woman gets into a collision while pregnant. She was not wearing a seatbelt. She has an emergency C-section but the baby dies 5 days later. Despite not being found liable for the deaths of the occupants in the other car – and despite evidence that wearing a seatbelt may have killed her fetus instantly – she was charged with manslaughter for “reckless actions resulting in the dead of another.”

4.*Hypothetical.* A pregnant women is given a pamphlet authored by a so-called “parenting expert” of foods she might want to avoid while pregnant by her doctor. One of the listed foods is sushi. One day, she forgets about this and goes out with her friends…. To eat sushi. A couple of days later her fetus has an adverse reaction and she suffers a miscarriage. Her doctor finds about this and calls the police. In a state with fetal personhood laws, she could be arrested… for eating sushi!

It’s almost as if states that passed these laws don’t want pregnant women to ever leave their house. But even when they are in their house, if an accident occurs like say….. Falling down the stairs they try to charge them with a crime anyway. It’s just plain misogynistic and downright sexist.
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I agree, that's completely ridiculous.
Great YouTube channel check it out!
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