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Old 10-07-2017, 02:08 PM
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I'm just going to say that it has been ruled by SCOTUS that you cannot be forced to partake in any patriotic action. This includes the Pledge of Allegiance, saluting the flag, etc. So if they get fired for taking a knee and not standing for the anthem, there could be a veritable SHIT STORM that lands on the NFL's head.

So, taking that into account, I do not think it is disrespectful. They are currently partaking in one of the Freedoms that very flag is supposed to represent! They have a platform they can peacefully protest, get the issue seen, without inconveniencing anyone else. How many other protests can do that?

I don't think it is disrespectful to veterans either. Again, they are exercising a right that our veterans are proud to fight for and protect. (At least, all the veterans I've talked to, including my Grandfather who is very conservative, have voiced that opinion. I'm sure there are plenty who don't view it that way.)

Also, does anyone else here know the reasoning for "take a knee" in sports? In any sport I played, if someone else playing was injured and had to leave the field, everyone on both teams would take a knee to show solidarity and wishing them well. I don't watch professional sports, so I don't know if it still holds true there. But I have to assume that most people playing professional sports started out by playing the sport when they were children.

The people kneeling are kneeling for those in the communities that are hurt and afflicted. It's actually VERY appropriate for what they are protesting.

As my final note, can I just say how hypocritical this is of Trump? There are plenty of pictures of during the Pledge of Allegiance where he is just standing there blankly without putting his hand over his heart. So if he wants to bitch at someone else for "not following proper etiquette" during a patriotic act, he needs to start following the "proper etiquette" himself.
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