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I don't care about your family at all.
Old 10-31-2017, 10:39 PM
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Default I don't care about your family at all.

Here's the thing.

If a male of any profession is talking about their profession and he has a wife/husband and kids he never has to preface talking about his family with, "I have a family of course being a Dad is the hardest most important job I will do now that's out of the way can I now tell you about the concert/breakthrough/research project I am doing"

But female scientists, professors, politicians, musicians always have to parade out their families and make a big deal about how they know that their raising kids is so much more important to the world than their contributions to science, politics, music etc"

Frankly I am sick of it. I care about my friends families. I care about what my daughter is doing. I seriously just came for the music, research, class or other.

I know why they do it though. I have just as often seen women get shamed for not bringing their private life with them to the podium. How do we get it to stop though?

It's not even every profession either. I mean when's the last time your Waitress had to explain that while she's your waitress this evening she cares more about her kids at home.

It only seems to be the "big" professions the ones where people say stupid shit like "How do you have it all" (which always has me turn to the guy who asked the question and ask him "how DO you have it all")

Anyone have any ideas for how we can stop having to listen to the "No I didn't really spend 10,000 hours becoming an expert in this. I am a mom this is just my hobby" Disclaimer before a woman's allowed to do her job?
Jack Faire
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