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There is a difference between culturally offensive and personally offensive
Old 10-06-2016, 02:20 AM
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Default There is a difference between culturally offensive and personally offensive

Okay so here's the thing I saw a meme that compared arguments that take down the Confederate Flag to arguments that people shouldn't wear saggy pants.

Regardless of your stance on the former it's pretty well understood by most people that the two arguments are completely different things.

One is a symbol of oppression for black people whether you think it should be or not and is no different than flying a Nazi flag in an area with a large Jewish Population.

The other is a personal offense. Me I don't care. I have rarely if ever seen someone wearing saggy pants and tighty whities or nothing.

Usually they are wearing non-translucent boxer shorts that are no more form fitting or see through than board shorts. Or as has more recently been done they are wearing actual basketball shorts under their baggies.

This thread is not to argue the validity of either one but to point out the sheer ridiculousness of arguing that one equates to the other. Offending your personal sensibilities is not the same as fostering an environment of fear. Last I checked no enslavement or genocide was performed under the banner of baggy pants.

Sure you may not like what something has come to represent for an entire group of people.

Now if you want to complain that Charlie Chaplin impersonators shouldn't be allowed if your flag isn't allowed because of the Tramp Stache that would be an equivalent argument as both things are considered symbols of hatred by a large population of people.

But I am sorry baggie pants are no more equivalent than someone serving me grits with a meal when I hate grits.
Jack Faire
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Old 12-11-2016, 10:38 AM
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The problem, though, is what I call "self-righteous offense". Self-righteousness, whether we like it or not, is part of the issue when it comes to being offended in either case.

For instance, when the whole Confederate Battle Flag flap was going on, some people were like, "Oh, I just now realized this was wrong..." Mostly it was celebrities, athletes, and/or politicians. I'm not saying people can't look into it and change their opinions, I'm just saying that it seems like there was no "Oh, I decided to research it, or got this new piece of information and I decided that this was wrong..." sort of thing.

For instance, Pro Golfer Bubba Watson. He had a replica "General Lee" from the Dukes of Hazzard, complete with Confederate Battle Flag and the words "General Lee" on the roof. He had it for years. But all of a sudden, when this thing starts, he makes a statement about how it's wrong, etc. and promises to have the flag taken off the roof of his car.

And I say "Confederate Battle Flag", because it's different from the flag of the Confederacy. Most people see them as one in the same, and that's why it's referred to as the "Confederate flag", which is actually incorrect, for the most part.

As far as the pants thing, personally I think it looks ridiculous. It's not necessarily that I'm offended by it, but I just think it's completely ridiculous to do. Especially if you realize the history of it (it's connected to a "prison culture" thing, IIRC). It's not "cool". It's stupid.

We all have intrinsic and implicit biases, whether we like to think we do or not.

Many people have varying opinions, and varying levels of opinions as to what these symbols/actions mean. We have to evaluate ourselves, and come to our own conclusions.

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