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Is Google stopping conversation?
Old 11-01-2017, 01:32 AM
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Default Is Google stopping conversation?

I made a comment on a YouTube video disagreeing with something said in the video. The person in the video claimed that person x said y but offered no citations nor links to person x saying y.

Every interview I had seen with person X actually put into question if Y was ever said. I said so. People replied to my comment assuring me Y was said. Not a single person provided citations, links or any actual proof that Y was ever said.

When I told them that if they wished to hold an actual conversation on the topic they would need to back up their points I was accused of "Sea-lioning" I'll be honest I had to look it up.

So apparently it's been decided that the rules of conversation are now always trolling. Sea-Lioning means I know they're right and am just wasting their time asking them to prove a well proven point. One of them even told me they aren't my personal researcher and to Google it for myself.

Here's the thing this must be new because in my 37 years of life not once has "You either take my word for it or you disprove it" ever been an acceptable response.

I did Google it figuring "Okay if they are this adamant that I google it there must be a ton of evidence out there of person saying Y" there isn't even videos where person is compiling clips to prove person X said Y they never actually say Y.

Ever. So now I am in a situation where if i again say "Where is your proof that Y was said" I am automatically a troll and how dare I do that to them google it myself.

So now the policy is what just believe whatever the other person says and never question it and if you want to question it and can't find the evidence to back up their claims you have to assume they must have been right and not question it?

I mean if you shut down any questioning of a stated "fact"

More and more I am cut off from conversations where unless I want to tell the person how awesome and right they are they don't want to hear it.

No one wants to ever back up what they say. I really hope this never makes it into the court system.
Jack Faire
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Old 11-01-2017, 03:33 PM
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I've never heard the term sea-lioning either. Probably because I've found that debating on YouTube videos is as bad for heart health as a daily diet of McDonnalds.

YouTube is like Reddit in that there are tons of echo chambers where channels have their own fanbase and if any usurper comes in challenging their ideas, you're either ganged up on and silenced or even banned from the conversation by the channel creator. Many of them are in political channels, and especially in conspiracy theory channels.
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