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Chicken Factories
Old 12-04-2016, 11:11 AM
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Default Chicken Factories

And I mean working in them and how they treat the workers. The temp agency I work for sent me for a week to a Chicken Factory. Now here's the thing I have worked on assembly lines before and I know what's standard speeds to run machines at.

A machine should run at a speed so that if a mistake is made it can be fixed before the next product comes down the line. Slide a pile of boxes on the pallet wrong you should have time to adjust it before becoming backed up.

In a Chicken Factory if you make a mistake it just became Five Mistakes if you fix it. If you don't fix it then someone down the line has to fix it and comes to bitch at you for not fixing it and then the line supervisor that determines the speed of the line bitches at you for not fixing it. All while refusing to make it possible to fix your mistake.

Literally the only way to handle it is to just stop making mistakes. I was in Weighing and Shipping. I had to put packaged chicken into boxes to be shipped to grocery stores they had to be sorted into specific patterns depending on the size and shape of packaging. You will never ever be told what kind of package is coming down the line until it reaches you. Then you have to remember the specific pattern get it into the box do it quickly enough that if you don't place it exactly right and you try to fix it then three more packages just hit the floor. And that's a conservative number.

Just thinking logically there are so many more efficient ways that would allow the machines to run slower and actually put more product out the door.

For one open up more lines if needed so that each line only handles one type of packaging this way that person is packing all of the boxes the exact same way and they don't have to rub their stomach and pat their head at the same time.

Two open up more shifts there are plenty of people that would like to work a swing or night shift. Especially if it meant only working five days as opposed to the six that seems to be common. Working Saturdays is supposedly something that "sometimes" happens but really it's more common than not working it.

The pay is minimum wage and health insurance is a joke. It's telling to me that in a city with a small immigrant population immigrants make up the majority of the factory's employees.
Jack Faire
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