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We speak the same language so clearly you don't know what I am saying
Old 09-13-2017, 11:13 PM
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Default We speak the same language so clearly you don't know what I am saying

I have noticed this tendency that some people have to forget that English speaking people speak English.

A woman posted about seeing a mouse next to a dresser. She used the term Drawers which is well known in the USA but outdated at least in my area. Clearly she meant a piece of furniture.

However she felt the need to say (to you Americans I don't mean your pants I mean the thing you put your clothes in.)

Here's the thing

1) whether it's Pants or a Dresser was irrelevant to the story about seeing a mouse.

2) The only people in the US I know that use Drawers for clothing mean underwear not pants.

3) Most people mean dressers.

It feels insulting to have someone assume that because you live in the US that magically you don't understand nor speak English as a first language. I do understand some terms shift but the person didn't say "for those that don't know" she specifically called out Americans for being stupid.

I will totally answer any foreign friends when I use a bit of slang or a word in a way they aren't familiar with but I don't just assume they don't get it.

Even funnier she misspelled a famous fictional character's name.
Jack Faire
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Old 09-18-2017, 03:27 PM
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Just as an aside... as an American, I have not heard the word / read the word "drawers" referring to pants/underpants... like ever. That's if I'm not including period pieces.


Also, not sure if this is just a New England thing (born and raised) but we constantly switch between "bureau" and "drawers" for a piece of furniture with drawers that holds clothing.

So she was probably trying to appear worldly or smart (and failed.)

The only time I add in additional context for my international friends are things like temp/measurements (since we use mostly imperial and a lot of other countries use metric)... ooorrrr if one of my international friends specifically asks me for some clarification if I post something particularly slang/dialect heavy.

The only reason I do temp/measurements is because I don't want my friends to have to do some math to get an idea of what I'm talking about, so I do it for them. I don't just assume my international friends can't figure out context clues. That's just condescending, if they do have a question, they PM me, I answer and explain, and we go on. But I don't assume, and I definitely DON'T target a specific group of people with the phrase "For you <group>, I mean--"

I would be pretty irritated by her, especially considering that

A) Again, we don't use the word "drawers" to mean underwear (as least where I'm from), though I do believe the UK uses "pants" to mean underwear. Trousers is our pants over there. So if there was a word that she SHOULD'VE translated, it should've been PANTS;

B) Where I'm from, in America, we USE drawers to mean dresser/bureau/etc.

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Old 09-19-2017, 03:14 AM
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In my AO when referring to underwear drawers is pronounced differently. The a is drawn out into an "aww" sounds but thats mostly how I've heard blacks folks pronounce it. When speaking of furniture the word drawers is usually prefaced such as dresser or chest-of.
If someone from another part of the country said drawers I would mostly rely on the context of the conversation.
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