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Old 12-03-2018, 02:21 AM
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Originally Posted by D_Yeti_Esquire View Post
Do I see the same type of discrimination on the other side? Yes but it's not quite systemic yet. I suspect one of the largest blockers to real self-examination on the left is still that frankly while I'm sure there are some people who would like to see straight white dudes not be allowed to vote, it's still straight white dudes preventing others from voting.
It's no where near systemic. Thing about American politics is the right is trending further right and is very tribal. Making the left of the spectrum wider and wider when it already contained a variety of views to begin with. While Republican politics in the US have long trended towards demonizing an "other" to garner political support. The who doesn't particularly matter ( immigrants, gays, Muslims or the newest I see getting thrown around a lot now: "Leftists" ).

Sure, there's fringes on the left calling for straight white dudes being unable to vote. But it's the fringe. Conversely, the fringe on the American right has been embraced and willingly pushed into the main stream by the President himself and the media that follows him.

The stupidest ideas on the American left ( ban all white dudes, vaccines cause autism, etc ) generally swirl around the annals of tumblr and twitter. The stupidest ideas on the American right ( Build a wall, total and complete shut down of Muslims, rake the forest, etc ) are being broadcast by the White House itself.
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Honestly my choosing to not patronize Chik-Fil-A for their homophobic views is no different than my avoiding a grocery store because the manager's a real asshole, or avoiding my neighborhood pizza chain (when I am in the radius) because I have bad blood with one of their drivers.

Treating it like it's a political movement is ridiculous. We all make choices based on various reasons on why Company X gets our money and Company Y does not.

Just about every reason is an ideological one. You have certain ideas and you adhere to them in avoiding or choosing various businesses.
Jack Faire
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