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Get the hell out of my store!
Old 03-26-2020, 08:44 AM
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Default Get the hell out of my store!

My (home improvement) store has been deemed essential. Bad news for me because my store is taking that and running with it.

We could switch to online only orders with a designated pickup site outside of the store in an easily decontaminated area.

We could close all but two doorways, run a skeleton crew and only allow professionals in.

We are doing neither. Instead what we are doing is allowing EVERYONE to come to our store. Oh I'm sorry did I say allowing? We are TELLING everyone to come to our store in fact if they're bored we want them, have a project they always wanted to do we want them. We're pretty much begging them to come and congregate in large groups while we pretend we're doing everything we can to keep staff and customers safe.

I was a chemical operations specialist. I worked on a Decon team. I know about decontaminating an affected area. Our current measures cannot hope to do it to a level that will keep us safe and corporate clearly doesn't care. They want to run business as usual regardless of how much risk that places us in.

All I can do is hope that people are smart and don't come in if they don't need to. What's horrifying though is that most of my customers today were the very same high risk population we're trying to protect coming in for non-emergency supplies and to browse because, "We're bored"

It doesn't help that I live with my immuno-compromised parents and I can't take time off work to protect them. I have been dealing with my own stress and panic while trying to function at work because my company prefers Profit over People.

So please if you don't have to be in my store to fix a burst pipe or get cleaning supplies to keep your family safe then please just stay home.
Jack Faire
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Old 07-20-2021, 09:32 PM
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Coming in late to this party. I work in a gigantic grocery store and I'm pretty sure we were having get-togethers in Aisle 6 throughout the pandemic.

Too many people just don't "get it" -- and won't, until they're sitting at the hospital bedside of a loved one who's been intubated.

I'm sorry you have been dealing with this. I, at least, have nobody to worry about except my cats ...

I've since been double-vaxxed so am feeling fairly safe these days.
Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.
~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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