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Originally Posted by D_Yeti_Esquire View Post

^ a good article on the whole thing.

Much of this is political crowing and I honestly don't have a problem with it so long as people keep in mind no money was ever blocked originally, and so long as the Northeast isn't completely sanctomonious about it, they come out looking pretty good. The thing about that Texas bloc was, (and I said this before), they were allowed to do this because they were in safe districts and allowed Fox News to have some fuel about "coastal elites." They did party business. I doubt in reality if that funding had been in danger you'd have seen the same behavior. It's just, as the person from Houston who didn't go along with it is correctly aware of, it was stupid because Texas is a coastal state.

I'd also note the person that did support the aid package in 2013 was from Houston. I guess my thing is I don't mind the political grandstanding aspect of this, but as a Texan that was literally in New York helping people rebuild fucking houses, I get really, really pissed off fast getting erased from the conversation.
We have long memories. And we don't pass up a chance to throw a F*ck You at someone who tried to wrong us. (Actually, excessive cursing is a great way to figure out someone is from NJ/NY) Also, LoBiondo is my homebody. I've been very impressed by him. Republican who votes against the Republican party quite often.
Violence has resolved more conflicts than anything else. The contrary opinion that violence doesn't solve anything is merely wishful thinking at its worst. - Starship Troopers
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