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Professor Zoom Alive!?! Fan Theory
Old 10-17-2019, 06:22 AM
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Default Professor Zoom Alive!?! Fan Theory

So given the more recent years where creators have abused Word of God I have stopped paying attention to Word of God.

Quick note for those confused, Word of God is meant to be a show is cancelled before finishing it's story. The creators then will say in interviews "well how it was supposed to wrap up is...." that is how Word of God is supposed to work.

It should not be used to rewrite a story after the fact. For example if you write a character taking actions that were straight up immoral you can't reframe their actions later to be all "oh no really it was totally moral for these reasons that weren't in the story"

That's a BS use of it. Now I bring that up in my Fan Theory because I'm pretty sure The Flash showrunners have given an answer for how Thawne survived off screen that doesn't account for anything onscreen.

My theory for how he lived though is based on a moment after Flashpoint Paradox.

I do not for a moment believe that somehow magically that version of Professor Zoom was reinserted into the timeline killed Nora and then lived past his own existence being wiped out not at all. I do however think that there is a way he survived that's explained in Season 3 episode 3.

In it Harrison Wells and his daughter Jessie come to Earth 1. When they do they notice the changes to the timeline as being different because those changes do not affect them when they are on a different Earth.

If we think back to Season 1 Harrison Wells sees a metal helmet with wings on it and knows what it means. This indicates that he doesn't just jump back and forth in time he uses the power of a speedster to travel laterally to other Earths much like Barry did in the comics.

My theory is that if a version of himself was on another Earth when Eddie killed himself and wiped out Eobard that the version of him would still be alive and returning to Earth 1 would find a world where he'd died and he couldn't yet get back home.

Fast forward to the Earth X crossover where that version of him has taken up residence on Earth X and worked towards an invasion of Earth 1.

That's my theory.
Jack Faire
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