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Scorsese isn't DaVinci but then neither is DaVinci
Old 10-05-2019, 11:29 AM
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Default Scorsese isn't DaVinci but then neither is DaVinci

I recently ran into an article where Scorsese said in an interview that the MCU movies aren't Cinema. The implication of course being that the movies he makes are art and the movies the MCU makes aren't.

Scorsese movies aren't deep. They aren't thought provoking. I like his movies. I'm not sure what his personal standard for "Cinema" is. My standard is this if I enjoyed your work then I enjoyed your work.

I have seen the same critics call 10 Things I Hate About You trash that praise Shakespeare for his brilliance because apparently they didn't realize it was a modern day retelling of Taming of the Shrew. Honestly I've come to realize over the years that all things are Apple.

By that I mean Apple sells their products often for over a thousand dollars not because it's really worth that much more but because they've convinced their fans it's superior to other brands. Ford and Chevrolet do the same brand loyalty bullshit.

I like both Tarantino and Smith. Neither's work is superior to the other I enjoy each for different reasons.

I like Scorsese's movies but I wouldn't put them at better than the MCU. As a person he kind of bothers me though. He feels like one of those directors that if he could it would just be him and the critics and he would leave out those of us that actually enjoy his movies.

He's drunk the industry Kool-Aid that screams he's important and a high Artiste. No one is an Artist. We're all just telling each other stories. Sometimes people get pretentious and swear up and down that our stuff is so much better than people deserve.

It's all self-aggrandizing bullshit. The irony of Scorsese's comments is that most of the people I know that are big Marvel fanboys are also fans of his.

He needs to get over himself.
Jack Faire
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