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First phone was a rotary phone. Use a fax machine every damn day at work. Sort-of know how to drive a manual (but never have to drive one often enough to keep in good practice.)

I surprise a lot of my clients (a lot older than me) when I mention certain bands, movies, or shows that were from before I was born that I know really well. (The one that always gets them is "The Moody Blues.")

Still currently live with my parents but that's because my being located in the state is so tenuous at this point that they told me it's not worth it to try and find an apartment because I might not even be in it a year. They want me at home to save the money I would have to be paying on outrageous rent (I live in MA, CoL is HIGH) so I have it on hand when I am going to move.

Which is looking like it will happen within the next 6-8 months.

And yet I'm paying off my student debt (paying more than the minimum payment), paying for my own lease, insurance, for my car, as well as responsibly managing two credit cards. My credit score is 765. I pay for my own food, and am around to help my parents with the dogs when they want to take last minute weekends or nights out.

To say I'm a lazy mooch off my parents, who doesn't understand basic technology is insulting, and I wouldn't laugh at it.

Oh, and last week I worked what amounted to an entire shift of overtime, but that's a rare occurrence because where I work avoids having anyone work OT like the plague. It's not that I'm not willing, it's that they don't want me to!
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