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Just STFU already!!
Old 06-02-2018, 08:33 PM
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Default Just STFU already!!

I couldn't decide where to put this, so hope this is appropriate.

I went to my favourite restaurant the other day ... just wanted a nice quiet lunch, me and my book ... and was sat right next to some pompous blowhard holding forth to what I figured was his grandson and grandson's Significant Other. When I first sat down he was carrying on about abortion. I didn't care WHICH side of the debate he was on; it's a contentious issue and as I said, all I wanted was a nice quiet lunch.

Then he segued to chemtrails, which he absolutely believes in, because he has found P*R*O*O*F.

Then Area 51 (apparently somebody who is -- conveniently -- dead said on his deathbed "You wouldn't BELIEVE what we've got there!").

Then the Kennedy assassination, and the CIA (couldn't hear enough to know whether the CIA was actively involved or just inept in the investigation).

Then how allowing some religious adherents to not wear helmets while driving a motorcycle (helmet won't fit over their turbans) is discriminating against US (i.e. white folks) "just because we don't wear towels on our heads!"

By this point I wanted to hurl my glass at his head and, hopefully, concuss him into silence. But the glass contained a drink that was a house specialty and it was good, so it would've been a waste of a good drink.

And people wonder why I prefer to sit in the darkest, most remote and uninhabited corner of most restaurants.
Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.
~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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Old 06-03-2018, 12:20 AM
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My wife and I were at Burger King 10 years or so ago, and there was this old couple going on an on about Mexicans. I can't remember what exactly they were saying, but it wasn't nice, and was borderline racist at best. My wife was feeling uncomfortable because she's had to deal with racism throughout her life. She's not Mexican, but she is Hispanic, so I'm sure that hit a little too close to home before her.

And then, as if that wasn't bad enough, one of them said, "And those black people aren't any good either!" There was at least one black person working there, and I'm sure she heard it, since they weren't exactly being quiet. We just shook our heads and looked at each other in disbelief at the fact that there are still people like that in this world. The only saving grace is that those two are probably dead now.
--- I want the republicans out of my bedroom, the democrats out of my wallet, and both out of my first and second amendment rights. Whether you are part of the anal-retentive overly politically-correct left, or the bible-thumping bellowing right, get out of the thought control business --- Alan Nathan
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Old 06-04-2018, 11:13 PM
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Ugh, chemtrails. I have an old close friend who started to get into that, and since we go back many years, I engaged him on the topic. His rationale is:

1.) They keep jet fuel secure and out of the hands of anyone unauthorized. What are they hiding?

Well, duh. Would you rather it be on some public unguarded area where anyone can just siphon it out or, worse, add ingredients to it that may sabotage an airline flight?

2.) The government has done shady things in the past.

Yes, that doesn't prove anything. Just because the government has done crazy stuff in the past doesn't mean any accusation against them is true.

3.) They are in a criss-cross pattern.

I've got a great interest in aviation, and one thing to note is although aircraft have far more freedom in their routes than, say, a car that is confined to roads, they do generally follow published waypoints and paths to aid in the ability to keep aircraft in a predictable pattern so that they don't crash into eachother. Wind blows the trails in such a way that a newly created trail might be a half mile away from the previous one, hence the strange patterns you see.

4.) People are in cahoots with eachother to keep this secret.

People are terrible at keeping secrets. I'd think Wikileaks would have released these memos by now, seeing that they require the cooperation of aerospace engineers, meteorologists, and many others.

5.) Rates of [insert ailment here] have gone up. Therefore chemtrails are real.

This is similar to the whole vaccines cause autism thing. It's idiotic and ridiculous. Besides, if they are indeed pumping something into the air, there's a very obvious way to figure out what it is: Just analyze a sample of the air your breathing to see what is in it! You'd think people would have figured that out by now.
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Old 06-05-2018, 01:29 AM
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Your title is what I would like to say to 95% of today’s Hollywood lol!
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