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Back on topic...

Mother harassed by CPS after busybody neighbor calls cops for letting her daughter walk the dog alone around the block

I wish that was an Onion article, but it wasn't. There have been news reports of CPS harassing parents for letting their kids do things by themselves. Like playing in the backyard shooting hoops. Or playing within a reasonable distance where the mother could see the child. Or the "free range" parents again being bullied by CPS for letting their kids play in the park alone.

You may have read articles on the rampant rise of “helicopter parenting” that has left young people with a lack of any sort of life skills and other problems. No one wants to mention it, so I will. Could it be that parents are feeling “forced” to be “helicopters” out of fear that CPS will harass them if they let their children do anything independently or by themselves?

I mean, it's gotten so bad that Utah had to pass a law to get CPS to back off.

BTW, while we are on this topic, I just have to bring up this hypothetical scenario....

For those that don't know there are many "junior motorsports leagues." Go-carts, for example. There is also NHRA's junior drag racing league, where kids as young as 8 can race mini-size dragsters (They're go-carts elongated to resemble a mini-dragster) down an 1/8 mile dragstrip.

With that said, let's say an 8 or 9 year old kid gets a JR Dragster by his parents as a reward for good grades. For unrelated events at his school he sees a shrink who diagnoses him with ADD and tells the parents that she and his teachers noticed that a symptom of his condition was “randomly losing awareness of his immediate surroundings and stares blankly into thin air.” Shrink advised parents to NOT let him drive a race car of any kind as it "would mean instant death for him."

Parents don't agree with what shrink said and think she pulled that assessment out of her ass just to try and prevent the kid from driving a JR race car.

So they let him race. On one pass the kid loses control due to a mechanical failure and crashes, kid was only minimally injured, just bumps and bruises.

Said shrink finds out parents let the kid race and is so pissed she calls CPS. Even though the accident was not the kid's fault. CPS comes over to parent's house and tells them, "You put your son in that race car again and we'll be seeking his removal from your home."

Let's just say that the shrink is a cunt, and if anyone actually thinks that CPS should have the legal right to crush a kid's dream by threatening with tearing him away from his parents because of the opinion of a "professional" then they are a cunt as well.

BTW, I bring that up because when I got my learner's permit at 16 (to drive on the street, not race) my school's in-house shrink (I went to a high school where you had to see one for an hour every week) told my mother that bullshit, that as part of my ADD "I would randomly lose awareness of my immediate surroundings and stare blankly into thin air" even though I never mentioned it to her and she advised my mother that it would be "instant death if I drove." My mother told me in private that my shrink can fuck off and she taught me anyway. 20 years later, I'm still here with clean driving record.
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