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Re-branding isn't Invention
Old 04-29-2018, 03:39 AM
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Default Re-branding isn't Invention

So I was at work talking to a younger co-worker about Mixologists. I pointed out how it's just a rebranded Bartender. She was all "Oh so they do all the same stuff" "Yeah" "oh well at least mixologisits made it so you can go to school for it" and I had to point out that Bartending school has been a thing for decades.

It actually made me think of all of the "new" things that my generation supposedly invented. We came up with Uber and Lyft "ride sharing" only it's not you're just taking a cab. Literally all those companies did was start companies where they don't fall under the same regulations that cab companies do so that they can charge consumers whatever they want and consumers have no protection.

Air BNB is just running hotels with no oversight. None of the services being offered are actually new they are just rebranded versions of the old ones thought up to get around any and all consumer protection laws.

Working for Amazon is now a "side gig" when really it's a part time job only now they have convinced people it's cool and hip to be working for them for peanuts instead of a shitty part time job that breaks every labor law there is.

I don't mind if someone comes up with something new that's genuinely a new thing but this is more like reinventing the fork and calling it a dingelhopper.

All to stick it to people whom you've convinced are being ripped off by the services and products they were using before.
Jack Faire
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