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Goddammit Uncle!
Old 03-19-2021, 11:10 PM
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Default Goddammit Uncle!

A few years ago, my grandmother died. She lived well into her 90s, and even though she was tough as nails we weren't surprised after her being on oxygen for the previous six months.

Gramma was, to put it mildly, well off. As in, owning lots of rental property well off. So Gramma's estate is very sizeable.

Gramma had several children. One, my father, predeceased her. My uncle was the only one of the kids still living near her. He never really grew up in a lot of ways. She left the bulk of her estate to him, and made him the executor of her estate. There is a defined percentage of the estate that each of the children and grandchildren are supposed to get.

Well, Uncle basically just sat and did nothing for three years. He claimed he was "waiting for the IRS to rule on the valuation of the estate".... which really meant that he had gotten appraisals for the properties which were much lower than their value so the estate would pay less taxes, and the IRS called BS on it and took a while to tell him how much they were going to tax him on.

Eventually, I asked him if he could distribute some of the estate because I had been laid off and would have no income. Nope, sorry. Finally, he did send a distribution, but a small partial one--and only after we had gotten a real estate attorney involved.

He is still dragging his feet. He has someone who is only sort-of qualified doing an accounting of the estate value, he is using the wrong values (no, it's the actual cash value that gets divided up, not the depreciated taxable value!) and he is taking his sweet time about it all. Meanwhile, the rentals are still generating income as well as the investments. If we get any of that, we either owe personal income taxes on it or capital gains taxes. But he won't tell us what if anything that we have gotten is from income or capital gains or what.

So we can't file our taxes, and the tax planning that we did early last year may well have made us pay more, or prevented us from getting deductions that we should have been able to get, or screwed us up some other way.

I know, this is the epitome of "first world problem". Many people would be tickled pink to be left a small chunk of a pretty large fortune. But that doesn't make this less painful for us. And it's my own goddamn uncle who is screwing us over, and not even maliciously (for the most part), just due to incompetence and laziness!!!

Gah. Dammit, Unc, if you had just figured out a rough amount early on and SENT IT there would be very very few complications and we wouldn't be going through all of this bullshit now! But no, you had to kick the can on down the road.
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