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Labels that don't make sense
Old 06-16-2018, 04:09 AM
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Default Labels that don't make sense

You can be super into puns from the age of 5 like me. You can love how funny it can be when words are used in ways to convey meanings different from intended But the instant you have a kid everyone will immediately label all of your puns dad jokes and you immediately are only telling them because you're a dad so of course you are. No no it's not because you're a writer trying to make a living from it it's because you had a kid and that altered your sense of humor...somehow.

You can be into skydiving, reading poetry, studying philosophy but whoops you like Pumpkin Spice well you were interesting but now you must be a basic bitch.

You play table top roleplaying games so obscure that Wil Wheaton calls you a nerd. But wait you like watching Football sorry you're a jock let me explain those 20 sided dice.

Oh you only speak the language of the country you live in that is so big you could literally spend your entire life exploring it and everyone mostly speaks the same language you are unsophisticated.

Seriously stop assuming one trait defines everything about a person.
Jack Faire
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