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You didn't convince me so you lose
Old 08-14-2018, 04:50 PM
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Default You didn't convince me so you lose

I was in an argument with a person. I failed to make them see well what I would consider to be reason.

I tried to make it clear that A=A not A=B, C, D or any other number of combinations where two similar but different things can be swapped out and apply.

Instead of doing what I normally do and "agreeing to disagree" or any other number of ways of ending the argument they declared me the loser and my opinion clearly invalid since I hadn't convinced them of it.

I blocked them because seriously? That seems really childish to me. Sure I want to make the other person understand my POV and if they come around to agreeing with it that would be great. However it's not a win/loss situation.

Either we agree or we don't. There's no scoreboard my opinions don't all become invalid because "I lost"

I feel like that's what it's meant to imply if you declare one person the loser of the argument.

If this were a debate where the two of us had been trying to convince an impartial judge then yes winner or loser. Trying to convince each other. No one wins.
Jack Faire
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