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Random Act of Kindness or Self Congratulations?
Old 09-21-2018, 04:33 PM
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Default Random Act of Kindness or Self Congratulations?

So yesterday at work while I was on the clock someone for their birthday bought a 25 dollar gift card and taped it to one of our self order kiosks.

I was on the clock so could not claim that. Which sucks. That would have really helped. I only make 10 cents over minimum wage and as policy my company won't let any of us reach full time unless we are willing and able to constantly cover shifts (the only way to reach full time)

So we don't get benefits, the pay sucks and even with a 65 percent discount on days I work I can't generally afford to eat there because between my share of the bills at my house and my child support I have no money. My spending money each month is four dollars and thirty two cents.

The problem is our cafe also has no break room so we have to use the dining room for breaks. This means you can't really eat lunch unless you buy it from there. It's a pricier place so it's frowned upon eating meals from home there.

My point is I'm poor. My co-workers are poor. The only reason I don't work a 2nd job is I have roommates also with income so I can get away with not killing myself.

The person who bought the gift card could have given it to any one of the people working in my cafe as a tip and it would have been a real act of charity.

Instead they placed it in a spot where the only people who were sure to get it were the affluent families that come to eat there. One of which sure enough came in wearing nice clothes in their nice vehicle and took the card.

This to me isn't charity and it's not a random act of kindness. Giving free stuff to people who don't need free stuff is nice but not what I would consider a charitable work.

It wouldn't have even had to go to us they could have given it to a homeless person. Donated it to a shelter. An elderly shut in, we deliver. Any number of things could have been done that would have made this a real act of good.

Instead it feels like the laziest self congratulatory, "look how awesome I am" bullshit possible.

Am I wrong?
Jack Faire
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