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When is a Red Herring not a Red Herring
Old 09-01-2019, 02:40 PM
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Default When is a Red Herring not a Red Herring

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5

I made this a separate post because while the same show it's a separate issue. For most of the season we do not know who actually lis Prometheus. It's a fun game of whodunnit and his voice modulator gives no clue. I nailed the voice as belonging to Michael Dorn; who's known best for his role as Worf in Star Trek TNG. As he physically never appeared in the show I had to discount the voice clue.

He was credited as Prometheus for 7 episodes but that's because he was the voice. Shortly before he unmasked himself where us the viewers could see we were thrown another suspect. Quentin Lance currently Deputy Mayor and alcoholic was presented to us as having a wound on his arm like Prometheus had suffered in that episode with a weapon of his in the room with him.

The thing is this plot thread was never followed. Only one other character ever knew about it. Neither she nor anyone else ever for even a second thought that he was Prometheus.

I don't feel like it's a Red Herring if it's only for the viewers. We got a moment of a seemingly promising storyline. Only for it to never go anywhere.

I feel like if you're going to have a Red Herring it needs to work on the characters too otherwise it's not going to work on me the viewer.

The only way the payoff would have been good is if Lance was revealed as Prometheus then it make the obvious Red Herring the thing that was throwing us off. We would have taken everything that happened as "oh wow oh shit you got us"

Instead it's a story line that goes nowhere.

Jack Faire
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